Brainstorming /
Sketch Concept

This is the initial phase of the packaging design process where ideas are generated and rough sketches are made to visualize the packaging. It’s a creative and collaborative process where different perspectives and input are gathered to come up with a feasible solution.

Graphic Design

This phase is used to develop the visual elements of the packaging, such as the layout, typography, and imagery. This phase also includes creating mock-ups and comps to help visualise the final design.

Colors & Materials Definition

This phase is used to define the colors, materials, and finishes that will be used for the packaging. This includes selecting the appropriate materials for the packaging, such as paper, plastic, metal, or glass, and determining the appropriate finish, such as gloss or matte.


This phase is used to add the necessary legal and safety information to the packaging. This includes nutritional information, ingredient lists, and warning labels.


This phase is used to create a physical prototype of the packaging. This prototype is used to test the packaging design, evaluate the materials and colors, and ensure that the packaging meets all legal and safety requirements.


This phase involves creating the final product in mass quantity and quality. This includes working with suppliers to ensure that all materials and components are available and meet the necessary specifications. This also includes testing the product to ensure it meets the quality and performance requirements.